An embodied journey
into sensuality and self-expression

What is the wisdom of desire?

It’s an invitation to see ecstasy and passion as integral parts of a well-lived life.

Embracing your natural sensuality makes space in your life for creativity and authentic connection, and is a foundational part of living fully expressed.

Our bodies are wise: when we listen to what they long for, we come back towards our true selves, and naturally gravitate towards a life of playfulness, gratitude and joy.


I am certified in the VITA coaching methodology from Layla Martin, a comprehensive 1000 h sex, love and relationship certification, and have specialized further in working with the jade egg.

I also hold a certification as Mastery Method Coach at the Institute for Coaching Mastery, using comprehensive 5-level interventions (somatic, emotional, mental, behavioral and unconscious) to achieve long term change.

Furthermore, my work is influenced by a decade-long spiritual practice in non-dual teachings, my experience as a twin mum, as a scientist with 2 master degrees (in chemistry and pharmaceutical neurosciences), and serving as a training manager in international development cooperation for over 15 years. I also lead women’s circles and workshops in Utrecht, the Netherlands (the city I call home).

I coach in English and French.